Welcome to a whole new style of academic support. An individual’s academic success is influenced by everything from study skills to diet and overall health. At ELS, we believe in supporting the WHOLE child. We not only fill academic gaps, but we help your child learn to understand their needs as a learner and help them to grow as a confident, independent individual.

The professionals at Elevated Learning Solutions strive to support the whole child by partnering with our students as well as their parents, school teachers, and any other professionals involved in their support network in order to create an integrated educational support TEAM. Instead of just plugging gaps, We believe in arming students and families with strategies to stop gaps from being created in the first place.


  • To help children to become self-aware and independent

  • To help parents feel informed and able to support their own children

  • To create a network of support professionals that work together to support children and families in order to close communication gaps, maximize opportunities for strategy reinforcement, and to avoid strategy fatigue